The Association of Residence Halls at Bradley University represents the needs and interests of the residents as well as maintaining a stable and integrated Hall Council system. ARH is connected to the individual Hall Councils of each residence hall through the use of ARH Representatives that serve on the ARH General Assembly. Through the use of communication, networking, and positive goal-oriented planning, ARH and Hall Councils operate one of the most well organized and successful organizations in the state, and continue to provide a strong way to earn leadership skills and get involved on campus.

ARH General Assembly Minutes

Everyone can see exactly what goes on at the ARH General Assembly meetings by reading the thorough minutes every week!

Upcoming Events

Breast Cancer Awareness Week!
October 22nd-26th

-Speaker from Illinois Cancer Care Foundation
-Tie Blankets
-Student Center Ballroom, Event Starts at 6 pm.

-One World Night
-2-10 pm
-10% of all proceeds will go to the Illinois Cancer Care Foundation

-Midnight Breakfast: Pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage.
-Garret Center, Starts at Midnight (11:59 Wednesday, 12am Thursday)
-$4 dollars per tickets (bought at the door or all week)

-Tugs for Jugs
-Olin Quad, Event starts at 6
-Team entry fee is $15